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Summit session investing in technology in Africa – how?

We have seen Tech companies dominate the last decade of business. Learn how these changes are happening on the African continent, where the largest companies still operate in other industries.

The technology session will comprise of two panel conversations which both address technology in Africa. First, three CEOs discuss how they run their innovative technology companies in Africa: Meltwater – global leader in media monitoring (Mr. Jørn Lyseggen), Seven Seas Technologies (Mr. Michael Macharia) – a pioneering ICT solutions provider, and Fuzu – an innovative employment company (Mr. Jussi Hinkkanen).

Second panel takes a closer look at how blockchain technology can provide new opportunities for both new and mature companies. Blockchain technology has made its debut with cryptographic currencies, distributed ledgers and has been making an impact across multiple sectors. This panel will dispel the myths behind the blockchain and will give real-life examples of how you can use it in your business.

CEO Panel: Investing in technology in Africa – how?

  • Mr. Michael Macharia, CEO, Seven Seas Technology
  • Mr. Jørn Lyseggen, CEO, Meltwater
  • Mr. Jussi Hinkkanen, CEO, Fuzu

Moderator: Mr. Alisdair Munro, VIRKE – the enterprise federation of Norway

Conversation: New technologies changing the landscape? How will blockchain change how we are doing business in Africa?

  • Mr. Wilfried Pimenta, Business Development Director, IOTA Foundation
  • Representative from AP Moller Maersk (TBC)
  • Representative from Google (TBC)

Moderator: Ms. Cathrine G. Jahnsen, VIRKE – the enterprise federation of Norway