Creative industries in Africa – Norwegian opportunities


Design Without Borders, Halogen offices, Nedre Slottsgate 15, Oslo


Presentations given in Creative Industries in Africa – Norwegian opportunities:

Introduction/presentation by NABA Associate Ms. Kaja Jorem

Presentation by Mr. Anders Ese, Rodeo Architects

Named Africa’s “Sleeping Giant”, creative industries consist of media, TV, design, architecture, music, fashion, etc. The continent is rich in talent and creativity, and with improved infrastructure and technology, the opportunities for business open up – also for Norwegian companies. Join us to hear more from Norwegian creative companies already taking part in these industries on the continent, as well as Editor Lanre Akinola from the African Business magazine.


Anders Ese
Partner, Rodeo Architects

Anders Ese is partner at Rodeo Architects, and heads the company's work in East and Southern Africa. He holds a PhD from the Institute of Urbanism and Landscape (AHO) on mapping in popular settlements in Nairobi. He specializes in urban development in the global South, and has worked on issues related to urbanization and poverty in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Anna Kirah
Managing Director, Design Without Borders

Anna Kirah is Managing Director at Design Without Borders. Anna is an internationally acclaimed design anthropologist and psychologist who has worked in corporations such as Boeing and Microsoft, and consulted with clients in a wide variety of sectors including software development, advertising, transportation, retail, banking, and public services.

Lanre Akinola
Editor, African Business Magazine

Mr. Lanre Akinola is the Editor of African Business Magazine, focused on
analysis of the policy and the business environment across the continent.
Mr. Akinola has worked with the World Economic Forum, Rockefeller
Foundation, OECD, Bloomberg TV, and BBC. He holds a BA in politics from the School of Oriental
and African Studies, University of London.


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