Webinar: The future of energy in Africa



The energy sector in Africa has received much attention from businesses and investors over the past ten years. The African Development Bank’s landmark New Deal on Energy for Africa, launched in 2015 with the aim of achieving universal access to electricity by 2025 and bolstering growth prospects across the continent, has been key to shaping the sector’s evolution. The coming years will bring further shifts in policy priorities and investment trends, heralding both new opportunities and fresh challenges.

This webinar will explore four core trends that will shape Africa’s energy landscape over the next decade:

►  Evolution of the energy hub landscape – diversifying sources.
►  A shift in the role of the state – from energy provider to market manager.
►  Transmission networks – the next target for privatisation.
►  Interconnected power pools – building more competitive energy markets.

Speakers include:

► Tom Griffin, Senior Partner, Control Risks
► Gillian Parker, Analyst, Control Risks


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Event contact

Mathilde Emilie Thue